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  • 4:15pm - 5:30pm - Club J Archery (must be registered with MJCCA Club J program)


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The Atlanta Archery Club Range

The Atlanta Archery Club range is an 18-lane outdoor archery range. Archers can shoot at distances up to 55 meters.  

We are located on the Marcus JCC Property in Dunwoody, Georgia. The MJCCA is a large and beautiful property - to reach the archery range follow these directions:

  1. Park near the tennis courts

  2. To the left of the tennis courts is a gravel road (a sign directing you to archery is located there)

  3. Walk down the gravel road to the day camp shelter round-about

  4. The range is located behind the day camp shelters

  5. There is another sign near the back left of the round-about leading you over a bridge and directly to the archery range

Bathrooms are located near the archery range, and there is a water bottle filler available at the day camp area. 

Range Etiquette:

  1. Respect yourself by respecting others.

  2. Respect the power of the bow & arrow.

  3. Always point bows down-range (0% tolerance policy for unsafe behavior)

  4. Maturity is required on the firing line.

    1. No horseplay on the firing line

    2. Ask before touching another archer's equipment

  5. Consciousness is required all the time on the range.

Range Rules:

  1. Walk while on the range. 

  2. Do not Dry fire a bow.

  3. Nock when you are mentally prepared to shoot 

  4. If you are not on the firing line, you are behind the firing line.

  5. Know the Range Commands

    1. The range is Hot (1 whistle blast): Archers are free to shoot

    2. The range is Cold (3 whistle blasts): Bows hung up and time to collect arrows



We specialize and enjoy teaching people archery (kids and adults) who are brand new to archery and want to safely learn correct form and technique at our archery range. 

If you want to learn archery because it is something you always thought was cool and do not know where to start, are looking for an archery range to practice and grow your skills, compete or hunt, we can help you get started safely and correctly.

The Atlanta Archery Academy & Club is conveniently located in Dunwoody GA at the MJCCA (Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta) -  5342 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30338.

We are a recreational JOAD club (USA archery affiliated; Junior Olympic Archery Development Club), we also have a competitive team that enjoys growing and challenging our skills against other local clubs as well as at state and national events. 

See you at the Archery Range!

Coach Yale (USA Archery Level 3 NTS)


Coach Michelle (USA Archery Level 3 NTS)



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Head Coach

Archery Arrows


Atlanta Archery Club

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5342 Tilly Mill Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA


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