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Celebrate your birthday! The Archery Experience is fun for all ages!

Bring together a group of little folks or big folks for a celebration and learning the science, philosophy and art of Archery. Experience the beauty and power behind this whole body and mind skill. Engage with friends, and enjoy the thrill of hitting your target!

Atlanta Archery Club provides a unique and safe environment to discover an ancient skill while having plenty of fun. Included in each event:

  • Learn basic rules of the archery range

  • Participate in a relaxing warm-up to get focused and centered

  • Experience the fun of learning how to safely shoot a bow and arrow!

  • Play a few games like shooting balloons and archery tic-tac-toe

All equipment is provided. 

Parties are 2 hours long and are scheduled by appointment.

Suggested for ages 8+. Adult parties welcome!


(404) 456-4214

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