USA Archery NTS Coaches

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Head Coach

Our Head Coach, Yale Nogin has over 35 years experience shooting archery - and has been teaching archery in Atlanta for over 6 years.  He has thought archery was cool for as long as he can remember - and is the founder of Atlanta Archery Club.

Yale has taught archery lessons in Atlanta to children as young as 5, children with special needs, teens, adults, grandparents and even a few great grandparents! 

Coach Yale is a USA Archery NTS Level 4 Coach (National Training System) - and is the Associate Professor of Archery at Kennesaw State University Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education.  Yale is also a BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Archery Merit Badge Counselor.

Yale's unique approach to teaching and coaching the philosophy, science and art of archery comes from combining his Interest in archery, background as a chiropractor and 25 years practicing yoga and meditation. 

What Coach Yale loves most about archery is sharing the beautiful, powerful, & super cool sport with others.

Coach Yale teaches group and private archery lessons in Atlanta for kids and adults. 




Coach Michelle is a USA Archery NTS Level 3 Coach and is dedicated to the study and practice of yoga and meditation.  Her passion is helping others grow both personally and athletically.   

Coach Michelle’s coaching philosophy is student first, and coaches archers to meet goals they set for themselves - whether they want to be a recreational or a competitive archer (or somewhere in between), she coaches skills that archers use both on and off the range. 

Coach Michelle teaches group and private archery lessons in Atlanta for kids and adults.