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Atlanta Archery Club 12/21/22

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We Facilitate Personal Growth, Empowerment & Fun

Through The Practice of Archery

Our Vision is to be the #1 Destination for Learning the Science, Philosophy & Art of Archery, in a club culture that encourages the freedom to be ourselves in a safe & fun environment.

Insight From Hindsight

There are many ways to learn, including by making mistakes on our own. We can also learn from others, such as teachers & books written by successful people who have documented their learning journeys to help others. And we learn from those who have not become successful by avoiding what they've done.

Reading is one of my favorite ways to learn because it's the least painful. Gaining insight from hindsight is more painful, but also a great way to learn because it's so personal. As archers who strive to get closer to the "bull's eye" at the range out in our world, reviewing what we've done so we can learn from our mistakes is a powerful tool. Making a mistake means we're trying. Repeating them & expecting a different result is the definition of insanity but learning from them is genius. Let's all practice our genius!

Reviewing what we've done, the coaching staff & I are excitedly working on new curriculum for this upcoming year! And based on our insights & hindsight from last year's practices, we're also developing JOAD & Little Lions Club-specific newsletters! These will be more valuable to you, the archer, as well as the parents of these club members.

We're engaged & excited about all the fun & growth we'll experience at archery in 2023.

With Gratitude,

Coach Yale : )



*** SPECIAL HOLIDAY SCHEDULING UPDATE *** We will be CLOSED on December 25th & January 1st All other dates we'll be open as expected, however, our Club Dates will operate as an Open Range Day instead of formal class! Our Try Archery Classes are happening every Saturday from 4:30PM- 6:00PM


And because we've been having so much success in our Little Lions classes, we've decided to transform them into their VERY own LITTLE LIONS CLUB! If you have questions about anything at all, Contact Coach Yale


We'd like to shine a spotlight on six of our club members!

Abigail, Abby, Iris, Odin, Piper, & Sivan - all competed in the "GAA 25 Meter State Indoor Championship" & we're proud of them.

The competition took place at the Georgia Southern University Shooting Sports Education Center (SSEC) on December 10th. Not only was it an amazing competition to challenge ourselves with, WE TOOK HOME 6 DIVISIONAL MEDALS!

Odin & Piper won Bronze medals,

Sivan, Iris, & Abigail earned Silver,

And Abby took home the Gold!


ABBY - Gold SIVAN - Silver IRIS - Silver

ABIGAIL - Silver ODIN - Bronze PIPER - Bronze


Tournament's Format: 25-meter FITA I Indoor Round, 60 arrows. Target face was a 60cm Single Spot or 60cm vertical 3 Spot. For more information about the competition

Again, Congratulations to all of you! We're honored to have you representing our club!


Tis the season, friends! The breath of Frosty-Aire is upon us, effortlessly nipping at our noses. This is a magical time, where the chipmunks pack their beds & the snowplows rejuvenate the roads... in one of those northern states of course. There will be no hibernating in Dunwoody!

In fact, everyone that enrolls in our upcoming Archery 101 Winter Session will be too excited to sleep until class starts January 8th! During this 10-Week introduction course, you'll not only learn about one of the first Olympic sports, you'll discover things about yourself while acquiring a skill that will last a lifetime!

Please help us spread the word about this life-changing experience to your friends & family by sharing our newsletter!


As if they were keen on our seasonal change theme, USArchery recently felt the need to change their logo because it was "showing its age."

Being historical is a badge of honor, however, there's nothing wrong with approaching 2023 with a fresh modern energy!

That's exactly what they did.

Here are a few shots of the new look:

Don't worry about having to update any of your previous awards or pins though. USArchery has encouraged everyone to have fun mixing the old logo with the new ones. Achievement award pins will be updated ongoing, so we'll most likely see them slowly implemented one at a time.

Join our JOAD Club or our Adult Club

& Start earning your pins/awards like our other club members

PS - Our adults love competing just as much as our youth archers!


At Home on the Range

Order #2 Queueing Up!

Order Your Custom Jersey!

We are now 2 orders shy of submitting the second batch! Since these jerseys are personalized, we have to submit orders in batches of 10 with a lead time of 3-4 weeks. If you are considering a purchase, please submit your order now!

For those of you who haven't heard - all club members can order custom jerseys (first name on the front, last name on the back) so that we can present a united front at competitions and events!

Jerseys are sized in Adult or Youth Men's, Adult or Youth Womens. $60 per jersey.

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