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Atlanta Archery Club Weekly Newsletter - February 9, 2023

The Internal Martial Arts of Archery

In every Martial art, there is an external expression of the art as well as an internal one. This week we have been focusing on the internal martial art in the form of "positive self-talk". Why wait for others to praise us?

All of the JOAD archers wrote a few positive affirmations on an index card and I asked them to start looking at them daily. I gave them some inspiration in the form of examples such as I am Strong, I Shoot Straight (our motto), my practice methods are sound and will get results, and I can adapt and overcome in any situation, to name a few. We have been working hard on our external art getting ready for the tournament and turning the focus inward was in order as well.

All of the research on high achievement points to the fact that there is great truth in what you believe you can achieve as well as what you think, so why not believe and think about how amazing and whole you are? It's the truth!

See you on the Range!

With Gratitude,

Coach Yale : )

Love is in the air.....

The Cupid Shoot is filling up fast!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 6 PM - 8 PM

Whether it's a first date or your 25th year together, come out for fun and prizes!

We now have 25 Archers Registered for the 2023 GAA State and JOAD Indoor Championship!!

Good luck to all this weekend!


They may be little, but they are mighty!

Our Little Lions Club is growing! It is such an inspiration for our coaches to help our youngest members learn discipline and skills that they can take with them on and off the range. We welcome any children ages 6+ to join our club. No equipment is necessary! <More Info

Coming Soon: Our Very Own Pro Shop!

What are you looking for?

Bows, arrows, bowstrings, and more! We have a pretty good idea of what you'll want to see in our new pro shop, but we want to hear from you!

Coffee? Snacks? Livestock? Massage Chairs? We're open to ideas!



Atlanta Archery Club is Growing!

We need Coaches & Range Masters Full or part-time positions are open. No experience is required.

Are you a full-time parent with school-age children? A teenager looking for a flexible job after school and on weekends? A retiree who would enjoy spending time in the outdoors? Or are you just plain interested in being around archery in a paid position? Hours are 11 am-8 pm, 7 days/week. Open positions at these locations: 4805 Tilly Mill Rd Dunwoody GA 30360 11261 Alpharetta HW, Roswell GA, 30076 Open positions include Coach and Range Master. If you're interested or know someone that is, please email


All Archers: Get Weather Updates & Practice Cancelations:

Text "ARCHERY" to 404.998.4111


Atlanta Archery Club and USA Archery - What's the difference?

Atlanta Archery Club is a USA Archery-affiliated club. USA Archery membership is required to receive achievement pins & to participate in USA Archery events. Events run year-round for both JOAD & Adult members at various locations across the country. When signing up for events, you will be prompted to list your affiliated club - please be sure to list us! Sign up or renew your membership here If you haven't already, join our JOAD Club or our Adult Club & Start earning your pins & awards! Our adults love competing just as much as our youth archers!

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