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Atlanta Archery Club Weekley Newsletter - January 18, 2023

Back To The Basics

Beginning this year our coaching team has been going "back to the basics" in class. After spending time last week at the Archery Trade Association Conference with the country's top archers, I am 100% confident that our approach is a bullseye. One of the nuggets I gleaned was a reminder that once we let the string go, we do not have ANY control over the arrow.

However, we have 100% control of our process; we can feel our bodies in action and control our mind and breath.

Getting back to the basics also means remembering our "WHY?" I am excited to connect with you and would LOVE if you would think about your why? Fun, personal growth, healthy activity? Why do you come out to the range and practice archery?

My Why remains personal empowerment and growth through this beautiful, timeless, extremely cool discipline of archery.

See you at the range.

With Gratitude,

Coach Yale : )

Tuesday February 14, 2023 6PM - 8PM

$80 per couple

Join us for a unique date night experience! Free lessons for 2 and 6 raffle tickets per couple for the chance to win premium chocolates or gift cards for local handmade jewelry!

Share this invitation with your friends! Limited to 25 couples!

When: Feb 11-12 9am and 1pm Shooting Lines Where: SGAA Indoor Hockey Rink 2115 Mc Gee Rd SW Snellville, GA 30078 Format: 18-meters, 60 arrows Tournament Fee: $50/archer



All Archers: Get Weather Updates & Practice Cancelations:

Text "ARCHERY" to 404.998.4111



Do you enjoy helping individuals with their personal skills? We need you!

No experience necessary! We're looking for those passionate about learning and helping others achieve their true potential. If you're interested or know someone that is, please contact Coach Yale.

Atlanta Archery Club and USA Archery - What's the difference?

Atlanta Archery Club is a USA Archery affiliated club. USA Archery membership is required to receive achievement pins & to participate in USA Archery events. Events run year-round for both JOAD & Adult members at various locations across the country. When signing up for events, you will be prompted to list your affiliated club - please be sure to list us! Sign up or renew your membership here If you haven't already, join our JOAD Club or our Adult Club & Start earning your pins & awards! Our adults love competing just as much as our youth archers!


Did you know the first indoor archery world championships were held in Oulu, Finland in 1991?

The Indoor Archery World Cup was rebranded in 2019 to become what we now know as the Indoor Archery World Series. It's been the highest level of indoor archery competition since 2010. Plus, as a bonus, competitors are given the wonderful opportunity to visit destination cities all over the world during the annually held events.

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