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Atlanta Archery Club Weekly Newsletter - January 6, 2023

We Are Strong & We Shoot Straight

Our Purpose: To facilitate personal growth, empowerment & fun through the practice of Archery

Our Mission: To be the top destination for learning the Science, Philosophy & Art of Archery.

To foster a club culture that encourages wholeness as human beings & as archers born from the freedom to be ourselves in the world.

New Year, New Form?

While in the pursuit of success, sometimes we need to face big challenges to make big leaps in improvement. For instance, you might review your whole technique with a caring and objective perspective to make necessary fundamental changes, and other times a small shift of a degree or two can close the gap to success.

Next time you're on the range, B 4 you make any changes to your form, go step by step through the progression of your shot flow. While doing so, ask yourself if it feels like a ballet dance or chopping broccoli.

Identify areas where you'd like to be smoother, and let's connect on how to improve your shot flow.

ALICE "She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME And she grew so tall, She ate from a plate called TASTE ME And down she shrank so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin’ at all.” ― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Be like Alice. Try things.

I wish for you, me, & all human beings a year of health, wealth, happiness, & living free― free to be!

With Gratitude,

Coach Yale : )


2 Get Weather Updates & Practice Cancelations:

Please Text "ARCHERY" to 404.998.4111




Because we've been having so much success in our Little Lions classes, we've decided to transform them into their VERY own LITTLE LIONS CLUB! Questions? Contact Coach Yale


Atlanta Archery Club is a USA Archery-affiliated club. USA Archery membership is required to receive achievement pins & to participate in USA Archery events. Events run year-round for both JOAD & Adult members at various locations across the country. When signing up for events, you will be prompted to list your affiliated club - please be sure to list us!

If you haven't already, join our

& Start earning your pins & awards!

Our adults love competing just as much as our youth archers!

Now Registering


SGAA Indoor Hockey Rink

2115 Mc Gee Rd SW

Snellville, GA 30078

Hosted by Archery Learning Center JOAD


February 11th - February 12th, 2023

Tournament Fee: $50/archer

Format: 18-meter FITA I Indoor Round, 60 arrows

All archers will be given 3 official practice rounds prior to the official scoring

  • All participants must be a member of USA Archery

  • Must be a resident of Georgia to compete for State Championship awards

  • Guest divisions will be awarded for non-residents

*Youth archers may compete in either or both the GAA Indoor State & the GAA JOAD Indoor State

Senior and Master's divisions may only compete in the GAA Indoor State*


The USA Archery Indoor Nationals & the USA JOAD Indoor Nationals are two separate events contested on the same weekend, but at different sites throughout the U.S.

The events are being held between the months of January & February. The first two events will be simultaneously held in Lancaster, PA & Chula Vista, CA Jan 12-13th JOAD

Jan 13-15th Nationals

Late registration currently closed

*Youth archers may compete in either or both the USA Archery Indoor Nationals & the USA Archery JOAD Indoor Nationals. Senior and Masters divisions may only compete in the USA Archery Indoor Nationals*


Did you know the first indoor archery world championships

were held in Oulu, Finland in 1991? It was also the first international target archery event to include the use of a compound bow!

The Indoor Archery World Cup was rebranded in 2019 to become what we now know as the Indoor Archery World Series. It's been the highest level of indoor archery competition since 2010. Plus, as a bonus, competitors are given the wonderful opportunity to visit destination cities all over the world during the annually held events.

The Vegas Shoot & the Indoor World Series Finals will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada

between February 3-5, 2023

The Taipei Archery Open was held December 10-11th. This year, the inaugural Taipei Open was the first major tournament for more than a decade to take place in one of archery’s most dominant Asian nations. <Click for Results

Also, for the first time, the Indoor Archery World Series Youth Finals for under-21s will be held one stage earlier during the Sud de France – Nimes Archery Tournament January 21-23, 2023

Both finals events will be open to the top 16 recurve men, recurve women, compound men & compound women in the series’ elite ranking & consist of a head-to-head eliminations bracket with televised finals.


Did you see that USA Archery recently changed their logo?

Here are a few shots of the new look:

Don't worry about having to update any of your previous awards or pins though. USA Archery has encouraged everyone to have fun mixing the old logo with the new ones. Achievement award pins will be updated ongoing, so we'll most likely see them slowly implemented one at a time.

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