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Hit Your Target with Archery!

Come to the Atlanta Archery Club archery range and see your team engaged, feel empowered and hitting their target!

Looking for something new for your next team building event?  Get your team together and boost morale!  

Atlanta Archery Club helps groups bond and improve company culture by creating a safe environment to try something new and out of the box!


Why choose archery for your next team building event?

  • It’s different - get your team excited to do something they haven’t done before!

  • It's adventurous (but not too much!) - Let’s face it - the thrill of shooting a bow and arrow makes you feel like a modern day superhero!  Who doesn’t want to feel empowered? 

  • Archery is for everyone - even if you’re not athletic! We have bows that work for everyone!  

  • It's outdoors - has your team been working remotely because of Covid?  Bring everyone together / but not too close together at the archery range!   

  • It's engaging and relaxing - breathing / grounding / focusing on your target / hitting your goal - studies show these meditative techniques increase productivity and workplace happiness!

  • It brings people together - We prepare and lead teams in different games - this means your employees are building a team mentality and working together - team building through friendly competition is beneficial to everyone!


What to expect for your team building event with Atlanta Archery

  • All equipment provided - just show up!

  • Get fitted with a bow that works for you!

  • Learn the rules of the range / safety / and be nice to yourself as you learn something new!

  • Gentle warm up that puts you in the flow and get ready to shoot

  • Learn the steps of shooting archery

  • Get shooting!  Shoot balloons - play a few games (archery tic-tac-toe, anyone??) 

  • See your co-workers in a new light!

  • Have Fun!

Team outings are fun ways to facilitate team bonding and reduce workplace stress. They are great at encouraging employee engagement and participation. They help create a better workplace environment and a closely-knit workforce.

Get your team excited to try something new and adventurous!  Come shoot archery with Atlanta Archery Club

Customized packages available to suit your team needs. 

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