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The Adult Club & Family Memberships are monthly memberships and you can cancel at any time.

The Adult Archery Club is for archers ages 18+ at any skill level who are looking to grow their archery skills with a weekly commitment to lessons and a host of perks to help you grow your skills. Earn achievement pins with a low-cost annual membership to USA Archery, participate in light competition on League Nights, and join us in optional tournaments throughout the year.

Saturday lessons include a variety of topics, technique & form, tournament prep, breathing techniques, grounding, centering, equipment and much more.

Included with membership

Membership Requirements:

  • Ages 18+ years old

  • Club bows and arrows available for use

  • Option to bring & practice using your own bow & arrows (if it is approved by the Atlanta Archery Club for safety and poundage)

  • All archery equipment must be transported in a case

  • Shoes, comfortable clothes and securing long hair is recommended

  • To receive weather-related range updates - text “ARCHERY” to 404.998.4111

Up Your Game at League Nights!

Who says grown-ups can't have fun? Adult League Nights are every Thursday from 6-8pm.


League Night is a festive evening where we will randomly select teams and play a variety of archery games - each archer can track standings from week to week, and earn prizes and awards. 


All Adult Club members are welcome to join. Equipment is available for use, however, we encourage club members to invest in their own bow / arrow / quiver / etc. as part of their growth in archery.  We are happy to recommend budget and skill-appropriate equipment that would be great for you.​

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Adult Star Pins for USA Archery Achievements

Adult Star Pins are awarded for scoring achievements. Adult archers can earn Stars Pins for shooting indoors and/or outdoors with recurve and/or compound bows. A full USA Archery JOAD, Adult, or Family membership option is required to participate in the Achievement program, as required in the Club Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Each Star Pin is a different color, and each has a successive number of stars on it to represent the increasing challenge in earning that particular award pin. In order to allow the greatest flexibility in terms of indoors/outdoors, recurve or compound, each pin can be earned in a variety of ways.

In addition to Star Pins, JOAD archers can earn the official "6-Gold" pin when they shoot six 10's in a row - either in a single 6 arrow end, or in two consecutive 3-arrow ends.

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