Each class will focus on a specific aspect of archery  ​

The Atlanta Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD / a program of USA Archery) Club/team is for archers ages 8-20 who are serious about growing their archery skills / earning achievement awards and competing in tournaments. All levels of skill are welcome.  If your archer wants to advance their skills, and be competitive, this club is for them!

We continually grow & practice our skills while having fun during our practices. We warm-up, review techniques, and practice with our bows by shooting balloons, playing archery tic tac toe, and other games.

We challenge our skills with the opportunity to win USA Archery achievement pins and earn the title of club champ at our club game day tournaments.

Club archery equipment is available for use, however to grow and be competitive it becomes important to have your own equipment. We encourage club members to invest in their own bow / arrow / quiver / etc. as part of their growth in archery.  We are happy to recommend skill and budget appropriate equipment that would be great for your archer.

JOAD Star Pins are awarded for scoring achievements. Pin shoots are the last Saturday of each month.  JOAD archers can earn Stars Pins for shooting indoors and/or outdoors with barebow, basic compound recurve and/or compound bows. A current USA Archery Youth, Adult, or Family membership is required to participate in the Achievement Awards Program, as outlined in the Club Membership Form.

In addition to Star Pins, JOAD archers can earn the official "6-Gold" pin when they shoot six 10's in a row - either in a single 6 arrow end, or in two consecutive 3-arrow ends.

In each class you will:

  • Set goals 

  • Learn the basics and beyond of archery technique, form, and focus

  • Get coaching direction and build your skills to shoot further and more accurately

  • Have fun and be in nature!


  • Ages 8-20 years old

  • Club bows and arrows available for use

  • Option to bring & practice using your own bow & arrows (if it is approved by the Atlanta Archery Club for safety and poundage)

  • All archery equipment must be transported in a case

  • Closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothes and securing long hair is recommended

  • To receive weather-related range updates - text “ARCHERY” to 404.998.4111