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Sundays for Ages 8 +
Perfect for intermediate to advanced children and adult archers

In this intermediate / advanced archery class you will:

  • Learn the basics and beyond of archery technique, form, and focus

  • Get coaching direction and build your skills to shoot further and more accurately

  • Dive deeper into each step of the shot cycle, refining technique, form, and focus.

  • Receive coaching direction to enhance skills for shooting further and more accurately.

  • One structured class per week.

  • One practice session per week during “Open Range” times included with the class. “Open Range”.

  • Experience enjoyment and connect with nature!



  • Ages 8+

  • Club bows and arrows available for use

  • Option to bring & practice using your own bow & arrows (if it is approved by the Atlanta Archery Club for safety and poundage)

  • All bows must be transported in a case

  • Closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothes, and securing long hair is recommended

  • To receive weather-related range updates - text “ARCHERY” to 404.998.4111

Class Days & Times:

  • Dunwoody: Sundays 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Cost: $399 for 12 Weeks

You will attend one class and one Open Range visit per week. All classes and Open Range sessions must be taken within the 12 week course.

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