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Whatever your age, whatever your skill level, we are here to teach you the science, philosophy and art of Archery. Head Coach Yale Nogin brings over 6 years of coaching as a National Training System (NTS) Level 4 certified coach. Explore this ancient skill as a casual hobby, a competitive sport or to improve your hunting game. Sign up for one class, a club, a competitive team, a birthday party or a corporate event, and experience the beauty and power behind this whole body and mind skill.


If you like the idea of the sport and are struggling with where to start, we can help you get started. Each lesson helps you safely learn the correct form and technique at our archery range, and you can grow your skills at your pace. Explore our array of options - you can sign up at any time. Feel free to contact us to discuss which options fit your commitment level and budget.


We invite you to get centered and grow through the beautiful & powerful sport of archery.

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USA Archery Certified National Training System (NTS) Coaches

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Yale Nogin

Head Coach - NTS Level 4

Head Coach Yale Nogin has over 35 years of experience shooting archery, with over 8 years of experience teaching archery and is a USA Archery NTS Level 4 Coach (National Training System). As the founder of the Atlanta Archery Club, Coach Yale seeks to instill a love of this most empowering, art and sport in every student. Yale has taught archery lessons in Atlanta to children as young as 5, children with special needs, teens, adults, grandparents and even a few great grandparents! Coach Yale's many achievements include being the Associate Professor of Archery at Kennesaw State University Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education and a BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Archery Merit Badge Counselor. Yale's unique approach to teaching and coaching the philosophy, science and art of archery comes from combining his interest in archery, background as a chiropractor, 25 years practicing yoga and meditation as more recently Pure Barre. What Coach Yale loves most about archery is sharing the beautiful and life-long skills the sport offers to all ages. Preferred bow: Olympic Recurve Bare Bow because it melds ancient style with the modern technology. I enjoy barebow because it is challenging to aim without a sight and at the same time rewarding to aim without a sight. What drew you to archery? When I was a boy, the beauty of the bow drew me in as well as Errol Flynn's portrayal of Robin Hood. After all of these years practicing, it is the art and discipline as well as the self-empowering experience shooting a bow offers that continues to draw me in.

Yale Nogin
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Come join us! Range hours vary per day, with the majority of lessons held on Saturdays and Sundays. Open Range practice times are 6-8 pm on weekdays and are available as part of team memberships.


  1. Walk while on the range. 

  2. Do not Dry fire a bow.

  3. Nock when you are mentally prepared to shoot 

  4. If you are not on the firing line, you are behind the firing line.

  5. Know the Range Commands

    • The range is Hot (1 whistle blast): Archers are free to shoot

    • The range is Cold (3 whistle blasts): Bows hung up and time to collect arrows


  1. Respect yourself by respecting others.

  2. Respect the power of the bow & arrow.

  3. Always point bows down-range (0% tolerance policy for unsafe behavior)

  4. Maturity is required on the firing line.

  5. No horseplay on the firing line

  6. Ask before touching another archer's equipment

  7. Consciousness is required all the time on the range.

Target hit in the center, Arrow in the center of the target



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