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Target hit in the center, Arrow in the center of the target


candles in Birthday Cake

Birthday Parties

Bring together a group of little folks or big folks for a celebration and learning the science, philosophy and art of Archery. Experience the beauty and power behind this whole body and mind skill. Engage with friends, and enjoy the thrill of hitting your target!

Atlanta Archery Club provides a unique and safe environment to discover an ancient skill while having plenty of fun. Included in each event:

  • Learn basic rules of the archery range

  • Participate in a relaxing warm-up to get focused and centered

  • Experience the fun of learning how to safely shoot a bow and arrow!

  • Play a few games like shooting balloons and archery tic-tac-toe

All equipment is provided. 

Parties are 2 hours long and are scheduled by appointment.

Suggested for ages 8+. Adult parties welcome!!

group of young archers

Corporate & Group Events

Join your friends or coworkers for a day of learning the science, philosophy and art of Archery. Experience the beauty and power behind this whole body and mind skill. Reinvigorate your spirit, engage with your team, and enjoy the thrill of hitting your target!


Think out of the box! Try something new! Atlanta Archery Club helps groups bond and improve company culture by creating a safe environment to discover an ancient skill. We will work with you to provide a custom event package.


There's something in it for everyone!

  • It’s different - get your team excited to do something they haven’t done before!​

  • It's adventurous - Let’s face it - the thrill of shooting a bow and arrow makes you feel like a modern day superhero!  Who doesn’t want to feel empowered? 

  • Archery is for everyone - even if you’re not athletic! We have bows that work for everyone!  ​

  • It's outdoors - Bring everyone together from all office locations (remote/hybrid/in-office) to reconnect.   ​

  • It's engaging and relaxing - breathing / grounding / focusing on your target / hitting your goal - studies show these meditative techniques increase productivity and workplace happiness!​

  • It brings people together - We prepare and lead teams in different games - this means your employees are building a team mentality and working together - team building through friendly competition is beneficial to everyone!


We've got you covered, start to finish!

We take care of the logistics and help you empower and lift your friends' and coworkers' spirits!

  • All equipment provided - just show up!​

  • Learn about bow types and styles, and try out anything you like​

  • Learn the rules of the range / safety / and be nice to yourself as you learn something new!​​


The event schedule is as follows:

  • Gentle warm up that puts you in the flow and gets you ready to shoot​

  • Practice the steps of shooting archery​

  • Get shooting!  Shoot balloons - play a few games (archery tic-tac-toe, anyone??) ​

Team outings are fun ways to facilitate team bonding and reduce workplace stress. They are great at encouraging employee engagement and participation. They help create a better workplace environment and a closely-knit workforce.

Get your team excited to try something new and adventurous!  Customized packages available to suit your team needs. 


Both of our ranges are outdoors. The shooting lines are covered to help with sun & rain exposure, we do practice when there is light rain.


Please wear weather appropriate, comfortable clothing. Footwear could be closed toe shoes (especially for 3D) preferably something you don’t mind getting a little dirty. You may want to bring a water bottle. Restrooms are available. 


Weather related range updates & closures: 


Please text “ARCHERY” TO 404.998.4111 FOR WEATHER RELATED UPDATES. We will notify you via text if sessions are canceled or postponed, including make up days & times. 

ALL event participants are required to register and sign the Waiver & Release of Liability Form and the Media Release Form. Please have each guest click on the "Participant Registration" button bellow, search for the date and time of your event and submit the required information.

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